BibleDesktop 1.0.8

Light, easy-to-use program for reading, studying and comparing Bible texts
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Bible Desktop is software for reading and studying the Holly Bible. It is a very light and easy-to-use program for those who wants only to read and consult the Scriptures without having too many options as dictionaries, maps and the like. Nevertheless, if you do need complementary texts, you can add them by downloading all the Bible versions, commentaries and devotionals you want in a simple manner; this feature makes the program a very flexible and versatile one.
Its interface is very intuitive, so you can perform many of its tasks by simply clicking on a button. Also, it has a powerful Search option with two modalities: you can search a particular Bible text by typing the book name, chapter and verse, or yo can search for a specific term or phrase. The advanced Search feature allows you to include/exclude words in your search, and even to search a word by typing its approximate spelling.
A very useful feature for the Bible scholars is the possibility of displaying side by side two different versions of the Bible for comparative purposes; you only need to download the versions you want to compare. Also, you can follow the guided reading proposed by the Devotion included, or download another one more suitable to your needs.
In short, this is a useful program for clerics and laypersons interested in reading and studying the Holly Scriptures.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Light, versatile, easy to use


  • The Help file is available only online, so if you need assistance, you must be connected to the Internet or download the .pdf manual
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