BibleDesktop 1.6

BibleDesktop brings the Holy Bible right to your screen

BibleDesktop is a program for reading and studying the Bible and other Christian or Bible-related texts. It contains several interesting features. One of them is a guide that helps you to read the whole Old and New Testaments in one year. The guide tells you what are the chapters you should read each day to achieve this goal. Another feature is the possibility of showing more than one Bible version at once, allowing you to compare all of them, which also can be in different languages. This may serve even as a language-learning aid. A very interesting characteristic is the possibility of showing the differences between the versions shown, allowing you to compare them more easily. You can customize the interface, choosing the font, the maximum number of Bibles shown, the default Bible and many more. On the downside, the basic program does not include any Bible or book, so you need to download at least one for the program to perform adequately.
The program uses Java Runtime Environment. If you don't have it in your system, the installation program will install it automatically. This new version is faster than the previous ones, and there are many more Bible modules in different languages for downloading. If you are a Bible scholar, cleric or layperson seriously interested in studying the Scriptures, then you may like to try this program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The basic program does not contain any Bible or text, you should download and install them manually
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